Jim & Cindy Martin

About The Preacher

I started attending Laurel Mt. Chapel (Independent Baptist) in 1990. At the first part of 1991, I began to fall under strong  conviction under the preaching of Pastor Don Judy. Then on March 15, 1991, after hearing a salvation testimony, the LORD opened my eyes to my need of a Saviour. I repented of my sins, and asked Jesus Christ by name to save me. A little while later, I was baptized and joined the church. While seeking God’s will, I became busy in the church.

The Lord allowed me to become the teen’s Sunday School teacher, Head usher, Sunday School Superintendent, Visitation assistant, and president of the Mission Board. In 2004, I felt the Lord calling me to preach. Through prayer, and the leading of the Spirit, I attended Gulf Coast Bible Institute, where I received a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree 5/4/11.

Knowing God’s calling into Evangelism, I began placing a strong burden for me to go into the Ministry of Church Planting; by
having me see first-hand, the shortage of good, Local, New Testament, Independent, Baptist Churches. In May 2011, while praying for God’s leading, the Lord used Evangelist Dennis Corle, and his Revival Fires Paper, to help lead us to Hilltop Baptist Church, under the preaching of Pastor Timothy S. Luchon. We soon joined the church, and became very busy.    We started working in the bus ministry, and the Lord allowed me to teach Sunday School, be an Usher, and help with the KJV Kids class.

My calling is to plant, and help establish new Independent Baptist Churches; and to be a help to existing Baptist Churches, and their pastors. Seeing the direction our country, and the way a lot of churches are heading; and with so many churches closing every year; there has never been a greater need than now to plant more of our kind of churches. We pray that as we labor together in the fight, that we will bring glory and honor, unto our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ; while reaching the lost souls of men.

On May 19th, 2017, we established Mountain Baptist Church under the authority of Hilltop Baptist Church, Hunker, PA.